The Stars Connect Us




You are a part of an evolving, beautiful universe.

My name is Kevin. I'm an astronomer, speaker, and tour guide to the night sky. I love to teach people about the universe. A fundamental part of the role of a scientist is helping serve as an ambassador of science to the public. I have made enthusiastic scientific outreach a primary focus of my career. I have been fortunate to travel the world speaking to both small and large audiences about astronomy, science, creativity, and inspiration, blending speaking and stargazing in a unique way to bring people closer to the heavens.



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I received my PhD in astronomy from UCLA in 2012, and after a short spell teaching, doing research, and giving astronomy talks at Dartmouth College, I moved to Tucson, Arizona and started to work on the science team for the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope. I study supermassive black holes, distant galaxies, and the evolution of the universe from the beginning of time to now. If you're interested in read more about my astronomy research, you can find links to my research papers and my CV here!

When I'm not researching the early universe, I also love to talk with people about their place in the universe. I've given hundreds of planetarium shows, spoke with countless elementary through high school students and small groups, and I have travelled the world giving night sky shows and sharing my inspirational message about the connection we all have to the universe. 


Dr. Kevin Hainline is the most inspiring speaker I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’ve seen him speak three times now. Each time he exceeds expectations, leaving me and the rest of the humans in the room captivated, amazed, enthused, and more connected to each other, the universe and ourselves. He has a distinctly unique way of sharing his deep scientific knowledge with others, while still making the information relatable and interesting to those who do not belong to his industry. Attendees at my events have repeatedly voted Kevin as their favorite speaker to meet and learn from, and I look forward to working with him again soon.
— Anique Coffee (Founder, The Collective)
[Kevin’s talk was] one of the most epic, inspiring and straight kick ass talks I’ve ever heard. In a loud, empowering, and motivating voice, he talked about the stars, and atoms, and how we’re all made of millions of billions of atoms just floating through the universe.
— Gina Mariko Rosales (Make it Mariko and X: The Moonshot Factory)
Moving and profound, Dr. Kev is absolutely captivating. He brings emotion to science and uses science to help us feel interconnected in this vast universe. My mind was blown and my heart opened as Dr. Kev lead us on a journey through the cosmic wonder of our shared human experience.
— Paco de Leon (Musician and Founder, The Hell Yeah Group)
An amazing way to kick off the week. He’s soooo pumped on his passion. Amazing amazing amazing.
He was incredibly inspiring and he was by far my favourite part of Field Trip.


My Talks

Too often, astronomy is made into something profoundly complicated and mysterious. My talks are designed to bring the science of space to people of all ages in an exciting, understandable way. I want people to feel inspired, to understand something about their place in the cosmos. I give large-scale astronomy talks and private night sky shows where I try to be open and enthusiastic, passionate and straightforward. You can read about some of the example shows that I can give here on my shows page